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I was at WVWC from 1993-1997 as an engineering physics major with minors in math and economics. While at WVWC, I played basketball for two years, was a Bonner Scholar, was involved in the Campus Activities Board, and did many other campus activities. I started the alternative spring break program while at WVWC and it still seems to be ongoing. I enjoyed working with Habitat for Humanity while in school. I met my wife, Jessica North (Pond) at WVWC and we were married on campus in March of 1999.

I did my senior design project on a geophysical application. I realized that WVWC didn’t have much in the way of a placement office or career center, as well as there not being much interest in hiring for engineering physics majors so I decided to go to graduate school. I picked geophysics as a focus for graduate school and ended up at Colorado School of Mines (CSM) to get a MS in geophysical engineering. After finish my MS I went to work for the US Army Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC) in Vicksburg, MS as a research geophysicist. ERDC is the research arm of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

While at ERDC I did a mix of military and civil works geophysics. On the civil side I did work looking at dam and levee seepage assessment. On the military side I did a lot of work trying to improve detection of small compact targets such as landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and improvised explosive devices (IED). I traveled all over the USA and overseas for these projects. I spent a lot of time on tunnel detection along the US/Mexico boarder and also overseas in locations such as Iraq where I was looking for escape tunnels at prison facilities such as Abu Ghraib. I also did a number of overseas missions with the Department of Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency (DPAA) to locate clandestine burials of POW/MIA remains from WWII and the Vietnam conflict. While at ERDC I went back to CSM to complete my PhD in geophysics with a minor in geotechnical engineering. I finished my PhD while working full time, an approach I do not suggest to others.

I am currently the Principal Geophysicst for Olson Engineering in Wheat Ridge, CO where I lead the geophysics team. I have done consulting on the side for many years with my company ISC Geoscience that mainly focuses on geophysical instrument design, cemetery mapping, and treasure hunting. I have been to many interesting locations with these projects, visiting 49/50 states and many foreign countries. Treasure hunting consulting has led to some interesting trips as well as this television show experience. I have been a member of Necrosearch International for more than 15 years, assisting law enforcement with the the detection of clandestine burials.

I am Registered Professional Geologist (RPG) with a license in Mississippi (MS). I am a Texas Registered Professional Geoscientist (Geology). I am a Professional Geophysicist (PgP) in California.


VA&E Television Networks, LLC
The History Channel
Lost Gold of the Aztecs
A Hidden Chamber S1E6
Tuesday, May 10 at 10p/9c
Produced by American Chainsaws


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