ISC Geoscience applies geophysical methods to environmental, geologic, geotechnical engineering, construction, archaeology, and treasure hunting industries. Our primary focus is finding interesting problems to solve in near surface and applied geophysics, then determining how to automate the solution for future similar problems. We have worked over the entire USA as well as multiple foreign countries. For international work the most valuable lesson that we have learned is that skill navigating logistics can be more important that geophysical skills. With over twenty years of  experience, we will offer the best method(s) for your problem and  provide the best results technology can offer.   We have more experience that most companies with all of the possible hardware and software solutions available with any attachments to a specific solution so that we can pick the best solution. Our interest in treasure hunting is due to several reasons, the first is the excitement of the hunt while the second is that it is a way to significantly increase the customer base for near surface geophysics. ISC Geoscience is a woman owned small business headquartered in Idaho Springs, CO. 



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